• Zirconia Foam Ceramic Filter

Zirconia Foam Ceramic Filter

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It is used for the purification of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel solution, can withstand the technical requirements of steel technology, can filter the slag and the material after the model is corroded, and plays a role in slowing the flocculation, thereby reducing the reoxidation slag.


Purification of cast steel solution

Improve the yield of steel castings

Reduce inclusions in steel castings

Reduce internal reoxidation defects

Reduce secondary surface defects after machining


Pore density (PPI)4—60

Through hole(%)80—90

Max service temperature(℃)1700

Normal temperature bending strength(Mpa)0.8-1.0

Normal temperature compressive strength (Mpa):1.0—1.2

Thermal shock resistance(Times /1100℃):6

Applicable alloy:

Alloy steel and other high melting point metal alloys