• High Quality Zirconia Hollow Ball Brick for Sale

High Quality Zirconia Hollow Ball Brick for Sale

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Zirconia Hollow Ball brick is a kind of insulating refractory product, the main material is zirconia hollow ball. (The principle crystalline phase of zirconia hollow ball brick is cubic zirconia, account for about 70%~80% of mineral, refractoriness is more than 2400℃, the apparent porosity is 55%~60%, the volume density is 2.5~3.0 g/cm3, the compression strength is not less than 4.9 MPa, the thermal conductivity is 0.23~0.35w/(m·K). The production method of zirconia hollow ball bricks are same as that of the Al2O3 oxide, just its fusion temperature is higher, can reach up to over 2700℃, at present, CaO is widely used as a stabilizer in China.

Application of Zirconia Hollow Ball Bricks:

Zirconia hollow ball brick is a kind if refractory product with good performance, the maximum safe use temperature is 2200℃, it is used in thermal equipment in the metallurgical, petrochemical engineering, electronic and other industrial thermal equipment as a direct contact flame high temperature lining material

Zirconia hollow ball bricks are fully made by the zirconia hollow ball, having the characteristics of good hot strength and stable pore structure, which can be used in the heat insulation material of furnace cover of extraordinary high temperature  equipment, such as Medium frequency high temperature furnace, carbon black reactor, tungsten rod furnace and so on.