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Clay Fire Bricks

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Clay Fire Bricks Introduction

Clay fire bricks are acidic refractory products, which increase with the increase of Si2o3 content. They have certain corrosion resistance to acid slag and poor resistance to alkaline slag erosion. Therefore, refractory clay bricks should be used as the lining of acid kiln. . Also used in high temperature furnaces such as blast furnace, hot blast stove, glass kiln, carbon co-firing furnace. There are have high quality used fire clay bricks for sale in Rongsheng. 

Clay Fire Bricks Features

 (1) Chemical and Mineral Composition.

 The content of AL2O3 is 30%~48%, the content of SIO2 is 50%~65%, and a small amount of alkali metal, alkaline earth metal oxide Tio2, Fe2o3 and the like. The mineral composition is generally: mullite, cristobalite and quartz, glass phase

 (2)Fired Clay Bricks Refractoriness

 The degree of refractoriness is generally from 1580 to 1750 °C. As the Al2o3/Sio2 increases, the refractoriness of the product decreases significantly when the content of low-melt impurities is high.

 (3)Refractory Clay Bricks Load Softening Temperature

 The load softening temperature is about 1250~1450 ℃, the range of variation is wide. The starting deformation temperature is lower, the difference from the 40% deformation temperature is about 200~250°C.

 (4) Clay Fire Bricks Linear Expansion Coefficien

 The linear expansion coefficient is low, and the average linear expansion coefficient of 20~1000°C is 4.5~6*10-6 /°C. Refractory clay bricks thermal conductivity is also low.

 (5) Clay Refractory Bricks Thermal Shock Resistance

 The thermal shock resistance is good and the fluctuation range is large. The 1100 ° C water cooling cycle is generally greater than 10 times. This is related to the low coefficient of linear expansion of clay products, the inconspicuous effect of crystal transformation and the plasticity at high temperatures.

 (6)Fire Clay Bricks Strong Resistance to Chemical

Strong resistance to chemical attack: Because clay refractory bricks is weakly acidic, fire clay bricks for sales has strong resistance to acid slag erosion and weak resistance to alkaline material erosion.