• Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material
  • Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material
  • Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material
  • Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material
  • Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material

Arc Electric Furance for Refractory Material

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Electric arc furnace steelmaking is a steelmaking method that uses the thermal effect of the electric arc to heat the furnace material for melting, at the lower end of the electrode.

An electric arc is generated with the metal material, and the furnace material is directly heated by the high temperature of the electric arc. Electric arc furnace steelmaking has thermal efficiency ,high temperature, furnace atmosphere can be controlled, simple equipment, less space, investment and other advantages, can be smelted more, various alloy steels and low carbon steels.

The electric arc furnace is composed of mechanical equipment and furnace body. The mechanical equipment includes metal components and electrodes, furnace body and furnace cover

Clamping, lifting and rotating devices; furnace lining and furnace shell made of refractory materials, furnace door, furnace outlet,and metal components such as sealing rings.

Water-cooled AC Electric Furnace (Eccentric bottom tapping EBT)

The structure of the water-cooled AC electric furnace is shown in the figure below, which is composed of the upper furnace cover, the water-cooled tube, and the lower furnace body.

Use Environment of Water-Cooled AC Electric Furnace

Furnace wall slag line: subject to high temperature arc radiation, chemical erosion and mechanical erosion of slag and steel, and oxygen blowing serious damage to operation, etc .

Hot spot area of slag line: It is also severely eroded due to high arc power and arc deflection. The degree of damage at this point is often,it often becomes the basis for furnace change.

Furnace wall: Furnace wall mainly withstands the erosion of high-temperature slag and molten steel and the impact and wear in the charging.

On both sides of the furnace door: it is often damaged by the effects of rapid cooling and heating, scouring of slag, and collision of operation and tools.

In addition, the lining material is also affected by thermal shock caused by temperature fluctuations, so the refractory material should have a high temperature strength, load softening temperature, erosion resistance and thermal shock stability.

Refractories for water-cooled AC electric furnace

The electrode cover of the electric arc furnace is reserved with electrode holes, which are surrounded by water cooling tubes. In high-power and ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces.

In the triangle area of the furnace top, mostly indefinite refractory materials such as corundum, chrome corundum or corundum spinel are used for casting,It can also be prepared into prefabricated parts, and the effect is better.